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Featuring SOLÈRE

SOLÈRE sets the standard in the solar lighting industry with its sustainable and innovative systems, ensuring solar LED autonomy everywhere, all the time. From the extremes of the east and west to the reaches north of the 52nd parallel, SOLÈRE is lighting up tomorrow’s world today. Our products are designed to deliver unparalleled autonomy with 365 nights of reliable lighting each year, all made in Canada, emphasizing real sustainability.

The advantages of our solar lighting systems are numerous and impactful. They include a unique LiFePO4 battery technology with temperature regulation that operates effectively in climates experiencing temperatures from -50 to +65 degrees Celsius, supported by empirical data. Our systems offer a powerful light output of 190 lumens per watt at 3000K, and come with a 20-year battery warranty, although the batteries are built to last 25 years. Additionally, our light fixtures are patented, scalable, and interchangeable with multiple photometries, making installation a breeze with quick connect features. At SOLÈRE, we also provide turnkey services and personalized support to meet all our clients’ needs. Born from a collaboration between a renowned lighting agency and an innovative Canadian LED lighting manufacturer, SOLÈRE is a testament to the strength that comes from unity and the desire to surpass existing market technologies.

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