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Check out Lumos Controls

Lumos Controls offers a one-stop smart lighting solution that simplifies the entire process of implementing smart lighting technologies. This comprehensive suite includes an array of intelligent devices, an intuitive mobile app, and a detailed reports & analytics suite. The goal is to streamline each phase of your smart lighting journey.

The product lineup includes innovative wireless lighting controllers that are designed to enhance energy efficiency and human-centric lighting. Additionally, there are high-accuracy microwave and PIR sensors tailored for occupancy-based and daylight-based lighting automation. Wireless switches are also available, allowing for convenient control of your luminaires.

For connectivity, Lumos Controls provides gateways that connect your lighting network to the internet, along with repeaters that expand the coverage of your Bluetooth mesh network. The offering is rounded out with smart LED drivers that ensure a flicker-free lighting experience and easy-to-integrate system-on-chip modules that smarten up your LED drivers and luminaires.

Overall, Lumos Controls represents a complete product suite that aims to maximize the benefits and impact of smart lighting, making it easier and more efficient to manage.

You can learn more about their products here.

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